Employee Recognition Programs

There are many points to consider when implementing successful employee recognition programs into your corporate culture. It's important to carefully examine the following points.


1. I want to save money and not spend it, why should I invest in an employee recognition program?
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2. Why should I choose Online Rewards?
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3. What are the costs with implementing an employee recognition program?
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4. What should I keep in mind when starting to build my employee recognition program with Online Rewards?
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5. What are the advantages to having a robust rewards catalog such as Online Rewards offers?
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6. What are all the various types of rewards I can include in my employee recognition programs?
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7. What trends are you seeing in the world of employee recognition programs and what are you doing to prepare for these changes?
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8. Is there the capability for the employee recognition program to receive an interface directly from my HRIS systems?
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What are all the various types of rewards I can include in my employee recognition programs?

Online Rewards creates a world of possibilities for companies seeking to build employee recognition programs. Each program is readily customized to the needs of our client's business objectives.

Rewards programs can support any combination of the following reward types:
  • Merchandise (featuring over 50 major product suppliers lending to over 10,000 items)
  • Gift Card Fulfillment (over 40 US retailers)
  • Client-Branded Merchandise
  • Concierge and Travel Redemptions
  • Charity Redemption to 501(C)(3) charities
  • Customized Rewards (i.e. paid vacation day, lunch with a company executive, team celebration event)

Online Rewards develops custom catalogs for each client that can be modified over time to reflect changing objectives, seasons, and supplier types.