Employee Recognition Programs

There are many points to consider when implementing successful employee recognition programs into your corporate culture. It's important to carefully examine the following points.


1. I want to save money and not spend it, why should I invest in an employee recognition program?
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2. Why should I choose Online Rewards?
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3. What are the costs with implementing an employee recognition program?
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4. What should I keep in mind when starting to build my employee recognition program with Online Rewards?
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5. What are the advantages to having a robust rewards catalog such as Online Rewards offers?
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6. What are all the various types of rewards I can include in my employee recognition programs?
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7. What trends are you seeing in the world of employee recognition programs and what are you doing to prepare for these changes?
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8. Is there the capability for the employee recognition program to receive an interface directly from my HRIS systems?
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Today, employees are asked to do more – faster and with fewer resources. A Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) survey reports that 79% of employees listed "lack of appreciation" as one of the top reasons they would leave a job.

Online Rewards is an industry leader, specializing in the design and development of employee recognition programs.

Online Rewards builds private-labeled employee recognition programs designed to:
  • Increase employee engagement and elevate employee satisfaction scores
  • Strengthen relationships between managers and employees
  • Build pride and esteem through public recognition
  • Deliver meaningful and memorable reward and recognition experiences



Online Rewards’ employee recognition programs are results driven, simple to implement, and exciting for program participants. Program options include:
  • Client branded program website
  • Manager spot awards
  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Productivity & performance metrics
  • Seamless login from your company’s internal systems
  • Real-time administrative reports
  • Customized Catalogs - Online Rewards delivers an almost limitless array of reward options configured specifically for your employee recognition program:
    • Merchandise Items
    • Retail Gift Cards
    • Cash / Debit Cards
    • Individual and Group Travel
    • Client Branded Rewards

  • With over 1 million reward options available, each client has the flexibility to build their own employee rewards experiences.